Irina Merson – President

As the founder and President of HEI, Irina brings over 40 years of electrical engineering experience in all aspects of substation design and project management to the company.

Her areas of particular expertise include: project management, scope and standard development, assets evaluation, due diligence studies, HV and EHV substation design, vendor inspection services, and training engineering staff. While working as an in-house consulting engineer and project manager for electric utilities throughout the United States, Irina acquired valuable knowledge and expertise which HEI shares with its clients.

Irina oversees HEI’s daily operations and strategic development. She focuses on marketing and business development, Client relationships and interface, and Owner’s representation.

Ruth A. Johnson, P.E. – Vice President, Engineering

Ruth Johnson, Principal/Partner at HEI, has over 30 years of experience in planning, design, operations and maintenance, construction, and project management of electrical substations at voltages through 500kV, of transmission and distribution lines, and of HVDC/FACTS facilities throughout the United States. Ruth responsibilities combine lead engineering, QAQC, project management, Owner’s Engineer duties on complex HVDC/FACTS projects around the country, and overall management and training of the members of HEI’s technical team.

Prior to joining HEI, Ruth served the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) for 15 years in increasingly responsible positions such as Substation Engineer, Manager of Substation Engineering, and as Manager of Maintenance Engineering for Substations and Transmission Lines. Ruth also represented WAPA at Engineering and Operations Industry Committees formed to coordinate costs, operations, maintenance, and replacement of equipment in facilities jointly owned by several utilities.

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