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Transmission Line Projects

Transmission and Distribution Lines: Sample O/H and U/G Projects

  • Performed numerous feasibility studies for interconnection requests
  • Performed design for installation of 115kV underground transmission lines in congested urban area (in Pacific Northwest)
  • Reviewed and redesigned, using PLS-CADD Suite, numerous overhead distribution line circuits as part of Southern California Fire Hardening Project
  • Worked on NERC compliance projects to verify transmission line ratings for a major utility
  • Performed detailed design in PLS-CADD Suite for transmission lines from 34.5kV through 230kV, some with distribution underbuild, for major utilities and for renewable energy companies (in multiple states)
  • Performed complete design for a new 230kV line in the highly seismic area of Mojave Desert, including interconnection coordination between a renewable energy developer and Southern California Edison
  • Performed a horizontal working equipment clearance study for existing 138kV line, with resulting recommendations to revise maintenance equipment and procedures (in Hawaii)
  • Performed preliminary design for 345kV transmission line (in Utah)
  • Provided constructability review for a major construction management company on 500kV transmission line project (in California)
  • Provided in-house support for major utility involving conductor vibration design criteria; review of transmission line structural design criteria standards; on-call structural engineering support for various transmission line projects up to 500kV; and staff training
  • Provided analysis of existing EHV transmission line lattice steel structures using PLS-TOWER models
  • Reviewed multiple project plans, outage and construction plans, and project schedules for a major utility
  • Prepared preliminary engineering and cost estimates that became a base for the EPC contracts to build sub-transmission and transmission systems (in Nevada and California)

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